DVD & Field Guide

The RESTORE DVD on Architectural Conservation Techniques is a professionally produced DVD that addresses complex and important preservation topics. The RESTORE DVD serves as an invaluable teaching tool and an excellent resource for an architectural library. The three segments of the RESTORE DVD run approximately thirty minutes each and illustrate step-by-step action of fundamental preservation / conservation techniques. The following preservation procedures are addressed in this DVD:

Architectural Replacement Materials: Cast Stone and Terra Cotta explains procedures involved in documenting existing architectural elements, discusses properties of replacement materials, demonstrates replication processes and installation techniques.

  • Cleaning Masonry Structures and Guidelines for the Use of Consolidants and Coatings illustrates techniques for removal of paints, coatings, stains, and other soiling from masonry materials. The complex issues related to the use of coatings and chemical consolidants are also addressed.

  • Mortar Matching Techniques and Composite Repairs for Stone demonstrates methods for conducting mortar analyses, formulating replication mortars, and composite repair compounds.

  • RESTORE Technical Field Guides Series is currently being developed. The Technical Field Guides will provide current field-tested research on critical preservation problems and will serve as an important resource both to the craftworker on the scaffold and to the design professional writing specifications.

    The first Field Guide in the Series, is the RESTORE Technical Field Guide on the Health and Environmental Hazards Inherent in Architectural Restoration Materials and Processes. This Field Guide is a comprehensive twenty-six page manual that addresses the most important aspects of environmental, health and safety regulations relating to building preservation. The goal of this Field Guide is to bring craftworkers, contractors and design professionals up to speed with the safe use of materials and processes that technological advances have made available. This is the first publication on this fundamental topic that has been compiled specifically for the building preservation industry. The Field Guide will be a critical resource not only for architectural conservators and preservationists, but for everyone working in the building industry. This RESTORE Technical Field Guide was funded in part by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training of the National Park Service, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and the Getty Grant Program.

    The author of this RESTORE Technical Field Guide is Monona Rossol. Ms. Rossol is a leading authority on health and environmental hazards inherent in the arts and architectural conservation. She has degrees in chemistry and fine arts and is an industrial hygienist. Ms. Rossol founded and is the President of ACTS, the leading organization in this field. Ms Rossol serves as a consultant to a number of major cultural institutions. She is a member of a working group of six scientists that has written guidelines to address the toxicity issues at Ground Zero in New York City. Ms. Rossol has taught and lectured throughout North America as well as abroad, and is a noted, award-winning author on this complex subject.

    The subject of the second Technical Field Guide will be Understanding the Properties of Masonry Materials. Essential to the decision-making strategies for the preservation of masonry structures is an understanding of the properties of the masonry materials. This Field Guide will provide basic information on the chemical and physical properties of masonry materials including natural stone and architectural ceramics - brick and terra cotta. Further, the Field Guide will equip the reader to analyze and understand deterioration processes by explaining the relationship between these physical properties and how masonry materials weather and decay. Topics of future Technical Field Guides will include: Technology of Cleaning Masonry Structures, Formulation of Mortar Mixes for Pointing and Composite Repair for Masonry and Conservation of Architectural Terra Cotta.

    To purchase the RESTORE DVD on Architectural Conservation Techniques ($200) or the RESTORE Technical Field Guide on the Health and Environmental Hazards ($25), please contact RESTORE at (212) 749-1800 or email mike@RESTOREtraining.org or jckanderson@RESTOREtraining.org.